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Division of Continuing Education

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Course categories

Health Professions 
 EKG Certification Review Course
 Phlebotomy Technician Certification Review Course
 Patient Care Technician Certification Review Course
 Pharmacy Technician Certification Review - ONLINE
 EKG Technician Course -DAYS-DJ
 Phlebotomy Technician (Dr. Ali Saleh)
 Central Sterile Supply Technician
 CADC: Domain IV
 Pharmacy Technician Core Course
 EKG Technician - M/W EVES (Dr. Ali Saleh)
 EKG Technician Course -DAYS-COLLINS
 Patient Care Technician-Advanced -E Martinez-Cue
 Phlebotomy Technician T/TH Eve (Dr. Ali Saleh)
 Health Professions Smart Start Course Days
 CADC: Domain II
 Phlebotomy Technician-DAYS (DJ)
Teacher Education 
 Intro to Teaching HY003001 SP 2014
 Intro to Teaching HY003002 SP 2014
 Intro to Teaching HY003003 SP 2014
 Intro to Teaching HY003004 SP 2014
 Intro to Teaching HY003005 SP 2014
 Intro to Teaching HY003006 SP 2014
 Intro to Teaching HY003007 SP 2014
 Intro to Teaching HY003008 SP 2014
 Intro to Teaching HY003009 SP 2014
 CDA Part IB SD 736 001 F12Summary
 CDA Renewal SD 711 001Summary
 Intro to Teaching HY003001 F 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003002 F 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003003 F 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003004 F 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003005 F 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003006 F 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003007 SP 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003008 SP 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003009 SP 2013
 Intro to Teaching HY003010 SP 2013
 Fundamentals of Teaching HY 004 001 SP13
 Fundamentals of Teaching HY 005 001 SP13Summary
Computer Online Programs 
Corporate Training Programs 
Kids and Teens 
Quality Assurance Courses 
Information Technology Courses 
Corporate Training 
 Certificate in Supply Chain Management

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